Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 4

I got a lot done today!! My house can get so messy, most of the time, it's because I feel to busy to clean! It doesn't help that I really hate cleaning. But today I feel like I got a lot done today in the way of cleaning. Tomorrow I hope to finish it so Matt can come home from Haiti to a clean, peace-filled house! The kids spent a little time with MeeMa today, which they love to do, Marcus loves to watch cartoons over there, we don't have cable or pretty much anything media right now out-side of the computer. We do have a DVD player and DVDs, but the player is on the fritz and doesn't work to often. I've been letting Marcus pray every night since he first did it, and his prayers are getting clearer, and growing a little longer. He even prayed with Meema today. I feel like I don't pray enough with my kids though, or spend enough time with them in the Word, it's something I truly want to get better on. I also decided what My first post was going to be called for my Series I'm doing and It's "Why God made Women". I've gotten the first post written actually, but am praying on where to take the next one. We'll see! Any way that's all for today! -Cassie


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