Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mommy I made you eggs!

This morning my son came up to me and said "Mommy I made breakfast". Now, lately my son has been "making" a lot of food and giving it to mommy. So I replied " That's sweet, what did you make?"  and with the most sweet and innocent face he replied "I made eggs mommy" usually these statements are followed by him shoving his fist to me, and me taking my "eggs" but oddly it wasn't this time, so the statement gave me pause. I put down my meal planning work and followed him into the kitchen.

He made me eggs. It was so sweet, and innocent I didn't really have the heart to get angry. I had him help me pick of the shells, and washed his hands good, and then googled the best way to get eggs off the floor, because I've honestly never dropped an egg on the floor! Thankfully wikihow was to the rescue with this great how to clean up spilled egg how to

After working hard to cook then clean up eggs for mommy he decided he needed a bit of a lay down. :)


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