Sunday, October 16, 2011

Singing to Jesus and More

My Church is going through a series right now called Not A Fan. The sermons sunday are focused on it, our small groups are doing a study on it, and we are doing a Not A Fan journal. I really can't  express enough how much this series is changing me. I finally got to start my journal this morning (I'm behind two days due to my journal being unavailable) So I decided to do three days. It's a journal you do through out the day, there is Four times it calls for you to pick it up. Morning, Noon, Evening, and then Right before bed. This morning day three really stuck out to me. It calls for you to close your eyes and imagine Jesus sitting on a chair in front of you, and you're to sing out loud to him. Well, me being strange, I decided that right now in my life I am trying to grow closer to Jesus. I want to be closer to him than any human. Something me and my best friend do (yes it's odd) we chat while the other is in the shower. SO this morning while I was showering, I pictured Jesus sitting on my toilette (where else?) and sang to him while I showered. The first couple songs I sang, I heard him reply they were good but he knew I could do better, I continued to sing what ever song was on my heart. Finally a song that my cousin wrote, but I never get to hear because he doesn't live near me came to mind. Some of the words are " I'm not ashamed of you" " By your stripes I've been healed" " I want the world to know that I'm in love with you" " The people they mock me" " But I will stand for jesus". I love this song and wish my cousin would let the world hear it. Maybe someday. I felt Jesus say " yes, that's the one I want to hear" It was a moving experience.

In other news, I've attempted to melt some crayons into some molds today, I melted some parts of the mold, currently trying to figure out what went wrong... The crayons turned out, but I don't think I'll be putting my molds in the oven again. 

In the end they turned out pretty nice

Well the skulls did anyway :)

Also this morning I'm attempted some Oreo stuffed chocolate chips. 
Getting them to not show the Oreos was a little tough, and I didn't succeed but boy did these taste good!!

If your interested in the recipe go check it out here: Duchess or Fork

Also a little fun at the park:
My handsome little man Marcus.

My beautiful little girl Rain

Well that's all for today! <3



  1. Thanks for linking up with Life In Our Fishbowl! It's always great to meet other Ministry wives :0) My husband just did the Not a Fan video series at church and it was very powerful!

  2. Not a fan is amazing, I'm so glad my church is doing it. I was super giddy to see your comment, because it's my first :)


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