Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Countdown to Christmas!

(Side Note: I'm taking a small break on my series of being a submissive wife while I pray about it some more before my next post in that subject!)

I feel like I don't spend enough "Doing" time with my family. Sure we play some, hug lots, and just sit around next to each other, but we don't accomplish much together! This year my family is Celebrating advent, and one of the ways we are doing it, is by doing something together every day until Christmas starting tomorrow! I wanted to share some of my plans, maybe inspire a friend!

Day 1 (Thursday):  Make a Christmas Tree

Day 2 (Fri.): Make Cards

Day 3 (Sat.):  Read a book, using funny voices and acting

Day 4 (Sun.): Make paper snowflakes and decorate the windows

Day 5 (Mon.):  Sing and Dance around the house to christmas music

Day 6 (Tues.):  Bake Cookies for Church Office (have matt bring in wed.)

Day 7 (Wed.):  Bake Doggie Biscuits for neighbor's puppies

Day 8 (Thurs.): Bake Cookies for Mail man and Garabage men

Day 9 (Fri.):  Draw some pictures

Day 10 (Sat.):  Build a fort in the living room and sleep in it.

Day 11 (Sun.):  Paint a big Big Picture

Day 12 (Mon.): Watch the sunset

Day 13 (Tues.): Make some homemade christmas ornaments!

Day 14 (Wed.): Tape candy canes and happy holiday notes to ATMS, vending machines…

Day 15 (Thurs.): Drive around looking at christmas lights

Day 16 (Fri.): Buy a hot cocoa or latte for Salvation Army bell ringers  (brrrrr—  it must get cold out there!)

Day 17 (Sat.): Go swimming at the Civic center

Day 18 (Sun.): Go For a walk

Day 19 (Mon.):  Bake & deliver Christmas cupcakes to library employees

Day 20 (Tues.):  Visit Grandma (if she is still in town)

Day 21 (Wed.):  Make a necklace!

Day 22 (Thurs.): Blow bubbles outside.

Day 23 (Fri.):  Picture DAY!!! Dress up mis matching and take some fun pics!

Day 24 (Sat.): Christmas eve: Unwrap one small gift

Christmas (Sun.): Christmas!!

Some other Ideas you could do to count down to the holidays are:
A talk a day- Meaning you sit down write out a list of subjects and talk to your spouse/children/both to about, throw them in a jar, grab one out each day, great way to open some communication!

Community project a day- you can see a few things we'll be doing such as baking cookies for my mailman and garbage men, bring some Hot chocolate or something to the Salvation Army Bell ringers, some other ideas that didn't make it on the list this  year are take some cookies to the fire or police department, volunteer to help one of the various ministries in our community to help people, go shopping for a needy family. Things like that.

A book a day!- Read a book with your child each day until christmas! Kudo's if they're all christmas books! It's a great way to bond and talk about the true meaning of the season! ( I have a few lists of book if anyone is interested in this one)

What sort of things are you doing this season?


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