Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dresser Repurpose, Getting over phobias, and Quelf

First, here's is a picture of my dresser drawers, glued down the way I want them, modeling a Vase to see how it looks! I've already had a lot of comments on :) I took the picture with a cool filter turned on. I love this picture. All the pictures that are taken by me are taken by my Cell phone, the Droid X, using the Camera 360 App, which is my fav!

This morning something happened to me, that usually would have had me screaming and running around like a chicken with no head. It would have ruined my day, had me looking in paranoia all day, and I probably would have left my house with my kids, and not come back until my husband(matt) got off work. But none of that happened, when I nice-sized wolf (or grass) spider fell from my sweatshirt I was about to put on! I stared for a minute, got some goose bumps, but I killed it, and went on my way(though I admit I didn't put on the sweatshirt) Anyway since moving to TN, I've seen more spiders than I have in my lifetime. And all sorts, from Brown Recluses, Orb Weavers, and Wolf spiders, to simple house spiders and daddy long legs . Matt even got to see a Black widow, in the garden of his work.  All the exposure to them, is helping my handle them a little better. I must say though, if one just happen to land on me, all bets would be off and I'd be screaming like mad.

Quelf. What can I say about it, other than if you like to play silly games, that make you do silly things, buy it. My sister bought it, she's on her fall break from college, and last night we decided to have a bunch of people over to play! FUN. Somethings that happened last night. Player had to build a fort and hide in it until his next turn. Player had to mimic a ballerina, if you could find a tutu to where extra point, player had to put hand in bowl of water until next turn, and player had to ride an ostrich around a beached whale. Categories where given like "Things that make you itch", "Physical descriptions of the player that drew the card", and "Breakfast foods that you know how to make". And questions like "What is the height of the shortest man", "How many ways can you break a dollar" and "Which of these songs is not a beach boys song". Seriously this is an awesome game, if you want to laugh yourself silly almost the whole time. And I didn't even get into the rules! But there have to be some surprises! I will be buying this game, for my next Game night in my Life Group, at church. It will be amazing.



My sister also got my children's ears pierced yesterday!


  1. AHHH! I am terrified of spiders and have a hard time even killing them. But, now that I have a toddler, I really, really don't want them crawling around. So I am getting a bit braver about killing them when my husband isn't home. I had a spider on my shirt the other day (it landed on me when I opened our front door - yuck!) and I promptly changed into another shirt!

  2. Oh! That's awful! When one falls on m, I'd have to change immediately also! One falling on me is way worse than any other way of encountering a spider. I've had one drop on me while I was on the couch, I didn't sit on that couch for weeks. Every time I did I felt like he was crawling on me! It's getting easier though, due to he constant ex-poser of them lately.


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